When you hire a contractor member of the National Electrical Contractors Association
, you are hiring nearly 100 years of expertise in the electrical industry. Since 1901, NECA has been at the forefront in training, research, technology, and standards development. You are assured that the job will be done right the first time; on time and on budget, guaranteed!

QUALITY is key. Consistent excellent workmanship can only come from a highly trained workforce. NECA contractors employ electricians that are the highest trained in the industry. Each journeyman must successfully complete five years in an extensive apprentice training program. The education doesn't stop there. On-going job and skill training continues throughout their career. Contractors also attend training classes, seminars, conferences and workshops that offer cutting edge technology and quality skill development that is unmatched in the industry.

SAFETY is no accident. A safe work environment protects and saves lives and that, of course, is one of NECA's foremost concerns. NECA is committed to make electrical contracting a safer place to work. Contractors have an array of tools at their fingertips and have become leaders in construction safety that not only protect the worker and the contractor, but ultimately you - the customer.

SUCCESS is in strength and knowledge. In today's ever-changing market place, there are strategies used by NECA contractors that help you meet opportunities in a highly technical environment. They partner with you to make your business a success. Work doesn't stop with basic electrical needs, but continues with on-going energy management technologies, voice and data systems and efficient relamping strategies. We can be an experienced partner that can help you open an array of market opportunities in the geographical areas that you are targeting. With over 180,000 electricians and 4,000 contractor members, our strength is there to give you a leg up on the competition.

PRIDE is not a forgotten work ethic. In no other industry will you find the level of passion and pride that is shared as a common bond between the contractors of NECA and the electricians of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers-IBEW. Pride in a job well done. Pride in knowing that their work is the best, that it is safe and that it is just what the customer wanted.

Take advantage of this superior way of doing business today. Our knowledge, expertise and productivity are second to none and we are ready to meet the challenges of your next project.


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