NECA has long been aware of the importance of effective marketing in the successful operation of an electrical contracting business. It was the first construction industry association to establish marketing services for its members. Marketing Services functions to keep members abreast of the many changes in the marketplace and to provide national promotion and member education ensuring NECA contractors expanding opportunities for their services. Marketing Services projects involve market research, sales training, institutional promotion and inter-industry relations with suppliers and utilities.

Continuing market research efforts are made to identify and develop potential for new business opportunities. In addition to NECA's national research activities, many chapters also undertake studies related to their local markets. Most of this research provides information of direct value to contractors and is immediately passed on to NECA members. Other research data establish the information base from which future Marketing Services projects are planned.

Sales training is a systematic effort to develop the market opportunities of electrical contractors to their greatest potential. Seminars, workshops and self-study sales kits have been developed to achieve this objective.

As the electrical industry undergoes rapid change, the staff is constantly alert to the influence the changes have on contractor marketing efforts. When appropriate, special action programs are implemented to take advantage of new market developments.

NECA has sponsored highly effective institutional advertising and public service programs designed to inform the public of the electrical contractor's professional expertise. NECA initiates and co-sponsors joint promotional projects with trade allies to establish and maintain a merchandising base for the important services electrical contractors provide their customers. The Association also exhibits at national and local trade shows, and maintains an inventory of displays for use by local chapters.

Mutual cooperation with other segments of the electrical industry is essential to the improvement of electrical products and services for the building industry. The national NECA staff conducts a continuous effort to promote effective industry relations in the public interest. Continuous liaison is maintained at national, regional and local levels with others in the industry to keep them informed on NECA activities and view on pertinent topics. This liaison involves manufacturers, distributors, utilities, architects, and engineers.

The constantly increasing variety and sophistication of electric systems has created a need for logically presented information on the subject among architects and engineers. The Electrical Design Library is meant to help fill that need. It is a technical, comprehensive, continuing survey of new equipment and design methods, with promotional emphasis on economical installation by qualified NECA electrical contractors.

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