NECA management education programs meet the needs of electrical contractors who want to remain profitable in a most competitive business. They're based on solid research and delivered professionally in the most cost effective manner.

Only the most productive and capably managed firms consistently remain profitable through the ups and downs of erratic construction market. Much of the successful performance of NECA contractors is due to the professional management training provided by NECA.

NECA management education concentrates on the basic, but crucial role of the foreman on the jobsite. It's here that plans are converted to structures. The foreman is the first level supervisor and carries a major responsibility for getting jobs done on time and within budgets. his or her ability to work through people is a main focus of foremanship education. Through the years, NECA members have historically placed the most emphasis on continued renewal of this group, through modern communication and training media.

Contrators' office operations also represent a significant training need. It's here that overhead expenses are generated. Therefore, education that ensures competitive costs and maximum productivity in matters of paper work is a high priority of NECA education. Since most electrical contractors still come up through the ranks, NECA's education programs for middle and upper management concentrate on the transition from skilled tradesman to skilled businessman. Courses in financial administration and the basic principles of electrical construction management are packaged for group participation in the workshops conducted nationwide and also in convenient self study tests. Most of these educational opportunities are delivered to NECA members by specially trained and qualified NECA field representatives through NECA's local chapters throughout the country.

NECA's Elements of Electrical Contracting Management program provides people headed toward top level management positions in the electrical contracting industry an introduction to the breadth and depth of their profession. To this end, the program endeavors to provide:

-an understanding of how activities in which they are currently involved or will be in the future play an integral part in the total process of electrical contracting;

-a comprehension of the complexity and the challenge of the profession of being an electrical contractor; and

-a vision of where the participant will be in 10 to 20 years.

The Estimating and Advanced Estimating Electrical Construction programs provide intensive classroom instruction in the fundamentals of electrical construction estimating for those with little or no experience. The primary focus is to train the estimator how to handle every typical situation between the beginning and end of the estimating process.

NECA's Tool and Equipment Rental Schedule is a guide for the costs by hour, day, week, and month incurred of the use of tools and equipment in electrical contracting. Designed for use in estimating and job accounting.

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